Paintings By Ali
Freelance Artist

About the Artist

Ali Pendley has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge through her vast travels and studies of art including Paris, London, Santa Fe, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, and San Francisco.  Ali was also the owner of the Midwest's largest florist, gift and interior stores where she displayed and distributed her custom art.  


Ali's contemporary art inspires emotion through the interplay of color and texture.  She got her start in Houston and Dallas where modern architecture and active lifestyles influenced her progressive technique.  Vibrant color, her hallmark, intensifies the overall feeling of each piece.  Even when color contrasts are sharp, they never cease to be harmonious. Various textures enhance each painting to create depth and solidity.  Working primarily with acrylics, Ali prefers to paint on handmade papers, as well as large canvases.  Each piece of art, inherently powerful, is truly unique and can be customized for your specific needs.

Ali resides in Omaha with her husband Curt, near her son and daughter's families and loves to spend time with her 4 young grandchildren .

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